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Get behind the rope at your next Supercross/Motocross race with the Team BTO Sports VIP Fan Experience! You get the VIP treatment as you become a part of Team BTO Sports-KTM for the race day, from wearing the official race team shirt, track walk with the riders to rubbing elbows with all the top riders of the sport. The moment you arrive at the track, you and your guests are treated like rock stars as you are thrown in the middle of Team BTO Sports during the race day.

2015 BTO Sports-KTM-WPS VIPs

Tentative Race Day Schedule:

  • Meet up with your personal liaison, “JT$” Jason Thomas
  • At the Team Pit area, introduced to team riders Andrew Short and Justin Brayton
  • Morning Track Walk – Your chance to see the track up close!
  • Get to watch practice films w/ the riders
  • Watch the race from industry seating and bench race with everyone in the industry

This is a unique opportunity that no one else in the industry offers and with JT$ as your personal liaison, will lend insight and his perspective to the inner workings of the race day. Guest will have goodie bags that with cool content to take home at the end of the night.

The 2016 BTO Sports-KTM “VIP” program is NOW OPEN!

Read about the VIP experience straight from the VIPs at the St. Louis Supercross: Click here

Price of the BTO VIP Package (Per Person):

  • $750 (usd) Supercross
  • $350 (usd) Outdoors 

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Want a behind-the-scenes look at the Team BTO Sports race semi during the race weekend? The Team BTO VIP Truck Tour is your personal tour of a professional race team semi during the race day. You will be guided through the Team BTO Sports-KTM semi by team marketing manager, Lucas Crespi as he shows you the rolling workshop and rider lounges the team utilize throughout the race weekend. This is a rare opportunity to step on the other side of the fence and see a professional team’s work environment. To sigin up for the VIP Truck Tours, CLICK HERE