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Bjorn Viney

Bjorn Viney
Age: 15    Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario Canada    Number: 53    Favorite Track:408MX    Class(s): Supermini 1, Supermini 2 and Schoolboy 1    First Race: SDL Ironman Race in 2009 65cc 7-9 class First sponsorship received: Wheelsport MX First year on a motorcycle: 8 years old Motocross idol: Ryan Villopoto Favorite part about riding a motorcycle: Throwing big whips Why are you passionate about motocross? Motocross is unique and different and so challenging. I have tried other sports but MX is the coolest sport I have ever done it makes me feel like a rockstar and it makes me proud that MX is my sport If you didn’t ride motocross, what would you want to be doing?I would be working with computers, maybe working as a system administrator or computer programmer like my dad. Who do you have to thank for your skills in motocross? Jeff Pestana from MXClinic and my dad Who helps you the most in pursuing your motocross career? My Mom and Dad
Get to know the rider: Ever since I started racing motocross I wanted to get better and I have wanted to win. We moved from snowy, cold Ottawa Canada (over 3300 miles) to California so we could ride with the best and ride all year round. I am really lucky that so many people believe in me and support me so that I can train and race all over the country. I believe that one day I will be a top 5 supercross pro.
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